Oliver’s Journey
As a team, we have decided that each year we will focus on undertaking numerous fundraising events to raise money for a specific charity of our choice.
This year, we have chosen ‘Oliver’s Journey’.
This charity is particularly personal to us, as we will be fundraising for one of our staff members’ little boy Oliver.

Oliver and his twin brother Thomas from Newport in Gwent were born prematurely in May 2014. Oliver was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia at 18 months old after his family noticed he was not reaching his milestones.
Oliver is a fun, bright and inquisitive 3 year old desperate to join in with his brother’s games but his cp is characterised by abnormal high tone in his leg muscles, which affects his muscle control, balance and co-ordination and makes simple things such as sitting and crawling difficult. Oliver is not yet able to walk independently.
We are hoping to raise £60,000 to allow Oliver to have life changing Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery which is not currently funded by the NHS. It is hoped that SDR surgery will remove or at least reduce the spasticity in his legs and give him a better quality of life. The money raised will pay for the surgery, specialist aftercare, intensive physio and any equipment he may need.
Our wish is for Oliver to be able to walk holding hands with Thomas, for them to chase each other in the park and ride their bikes together.

Below is the link for our just giving fundraising page. Any donations would be enormously appreciated.


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CAKE SALE 1st December 2017
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As part of raising money for our Charity of the Year- Oliver’s Journey, staff at FCGW held a Cake Sale for our Foster Carers to attend. It was a great morning and we raised an amazing total of £300 for little Oliver!